This is a list of the main projects I've been involved in. They are a mix of personal projects and commissioned projects. For privacy measures and NDAs not every customer project have been listed here.

If you need to, you can contact me following these instructions .

Ruby on Rails

Customer projects


Looking for a perfectly-tailored and made-to-measure, made-in-Italy suit?

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iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Personal projects

myMutuo 2

The all-new way to study and budget for loans

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Split expenses and repay your debts

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Customer projects

Mikron Group

Corporate app

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Bring joy to your life!

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Sai perché?

Say it the italian way!

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A "crowd-voting" app

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I've been working on a couple of both open-source and private Android projects, but lately I am specializing in mobile games development.


There's almost nothing about my Java project. The most notable production has been the %a{:href => “/loggable”} loggable library .

Sinatra & GitHub

I recently started using Sinatra for developing and releasing small websites and remote API custom servers. I found that Sinatra + Heroku is the fastest and most cost-effective way to deploy a simple application.

Actually, this whole website has been developed using Sinatra + Heroku …

I used Sinatra since when I released my first iOS application on the App Store (myMutuo) and found it very handy for creating and mantaining a private API server.

On my GitHub page you will find a couple of private projects involving Objective-c, Java and Sinatra, including:

  • MPColorTools: an iOS library to handle colors

  • Loggable: a Java logging meta-library

  • MPSinatraAppStore: a skeleton for a Sinatra application for a server-side Apple in-app purchase receipt verification and registration.